Live on Sonarchy Radio on KEXP Sunday March 9th

Live in-store show at Vortex Music & Movies in Kirkland, WA on November 30th

12525 Totem Lake Blvd NE

Guitar driven instrumental psychedelic post-rock tribal fusion, combining heavy rock with strong rhythms and powerful melody.

Musically intense and relentless, Myth of Progress keeps it fun, exciting, and at times unpredictable where a song might go next. Every track is an adventure in the possibilities of sound, exploring the varying rhythms that can be found within a groove, the different melodies naturally arising from a chord progression or riff. Stylistically covering a range across the psychedelic/progressive/post-rock genres, underlying the sound you might hear elements of an array of styles, but it all melds nicely under a guitar driven heavy rock. An edgy and intense sound, with the willingness to explore musical territory not commonly heard, Myth of Progress is committed to creating some truly innovative modern instrumental rock.

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Myth of Progress - Myth of Progress

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